quinta-feira, 29 de dezembro de 2011

MARIA CLARA : Where is my daughter????

Today is Monday, the same day of the week that my daughter was taken away from me a week ago. She was given away in the Portuguese consulate. I had to give her away, not because I wanted, but because I was obligated by an arbitrary decision of a judge.
Although at the moment I was aware of the injustice taking place against me, even though, I submitted myself to the court order, as I have been doing since this process started. Differently of my ex-husband, who disobeyed all orders and laws since his arrival in Brazil. Since them he did whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted, going against our laws and the Brazilian justice. By doing so, he accomplished what he wanted. He is now with my daughter in Portugal, keeping her incommunicable with me and her Brazilian family. For him: “The end justifies the means”, once again. I must confess that I find strange that the decision of the 11th Federal Court was made in the 16th of December, but he was already celebrating this decision on the 11th. Why has this judge published the decision in the day before the Court holidays?

The Federal Public Defender Office worked against the clock to revert this decision. Everybody was mobilized (in a solidarity act that deeply moved me), but even though, the revoking of the decision did not come in time. In less than 24 hours (from the moment the decision of the first judge was published and I was obligated to give my daughter away in the Portuguese consulate to the moment the decision was revoked, my daughter was already gone)
I would like here to emphasize the commitment, competence, dedication, and sense of responsibility by which the Federal Public Defense acted in the case of Maria Clara. How dedicated they have been on taking care of this case. On the other hand, I am still waiting for a position of the Attorney General's Office. I wish they act as promptly with the Portuguese Federal State to enforce the revoking decision of the Federal Court, which demands immediate regress of Maria Clara to Brazil.

I’m a Brazilian citizen. I deserve that my own country gives me an honest and fair trial. I deserve that it is given to me the opportunity to defend myself by all means within the laws. But this was not done. There was no hearing. All my rights were taken away from me.
The case of Maria Clara was an INQUISITIONAL trial!! 

Where is my daughter????

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